Pea Porridge opened its doors in October 2009 and is an independently owned neighbourhood restaurant, located on a square, which was once a green, called “Pea Porridge Green”. The green is gone long ago, but we have borrowed its name for our restaurant; situated in the historic market town of Bury St Edmunds, barely five minute walk from Butter Market (market is still held every Wednesday and Saturday). Find us tucked away in a quiet residential area next door to Old Cannon Brewery on Cannon Street.


Originally two cottages build in 1820, later hosted a bakery. Restaurant now comprises three charming and delightfully unpretentious dining rooms with rustic tables, exposed brick work and its unique feature- original baker’s oven.


It has a cosy, homely, laid back ambiance.


As big food and drink lovers, very much hands on owners Justin Sharp (head chef) and his wife Jurga (front-of-house), like to keep things lively, fresh and exciting. We are not at all into gadgetry and tricks in the kitchen and favour a very much “produce” driven approach. We love to cook what we ourselves would like to eat, prioritising local, seasonal produce. Whatever is on the plate, our aim is for a combination of simplicity and flavour. “Nose-to-Tail” dishes are also regular staple on our Moorish-inspired menu, which changes almost every day.


We are crazy about wine here too and forever in search of new, interesting wines for us and our list. We work closely with a few fussy suppliers who source rare, preferably natural and biodynamic wines, in the purest form possible, from a number of smaller scale honest and passionate producers, whose wines, we promise, will never be found on a supermarket shelf.


It all adds to the spirit on how we envisage your dining experience with us.